Snow Goose Hunting Guide Gallery

Hunting snow geese during the spring migration is a fantastic and memorable event.  There are many reasons for hunters to book trips with an outfitter.  The main reason being to take advantage of the vast knowledge the guides gain over the years of constant practice. They know how to best set up a spread, adjust decoys, reading birds, and knowing how and when to call the shots. Take a look at our Spring Snow Goose Gallery for a peek into some others’ guided snow goose hunt experiences!

Goose Hunting Guide Gallery

Just picture yourself watching the sunrise, over a dew covered wheat field, as small lines of geese begin to appear in the distance. As they V up in formation and start to approach the decoys, you will begin to hear their calls and very soon, the buzzing of the air beneath their wings! Your heart will begin to race, as they set their wings to glide into the hole, as the first geese in the flock land within a few feet of our blinds! Your guide will then call the shot. As you rise out of your blind, you will find yourself looking down the barrel at a huge Canada Goose and for that instant, the whole world seems to stand still, as you take aim! If you would like to write the end of this story, we have the trip for you!

Duck Hunting Guide Gallery

There are very few experiences that you can compare to having 1000 mallards descend from the heavens and try to land at your feet! Northern Skies Outfitters strive to make every trip to the blind one that you will remember, long after the shooting is done. Our Fall Duck Hunts are an excellent opportunity to hunt some of the best locations in the country! Our guided duck hunts book quickly, so call today to make your reservation.