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Goose And Crane Hunting Guide
in Texas

Our Texas Goose And Crane Season is a great opportunity to take in amazing West Texas sights.

Canada Goose Hunting! White Front Goose Hunting! Snow Goose Hunting! Texas Goose Hunting! Sandhill Crane hunting, Yes! we have a variety of waterfowl and goose hunting in West Texas! West Texas goose hunting offers some amazing sights as they hold some of the largest staging areas for geese in the country.

West Texas is the place to be. We are located in the heart of peanut country in west Texas, 10 minutes north of Lubbock. This small agricultural area winters an excess of 500,000 geese every hunting season. These geese have already migrated, so we are right in the middle of their everyday food source for the entire season. Making it the best consistent White Fronted and Canada goose hunting in North America. If you want to have the best chance at seeing a large staging population of White Fronted and Canada geese, this is it. Texas Waterfowl hunts can offer a wide variety of species of geese as well as other waterfowl species, including lesser Canadian, Greater Canadian, Specklebellies, Snow goose, Sandhill Crane, Pintail, and  Mallard. Don’t miss out on the best waterfowl hunting in Texas. It is our commitment to provide you the best experience possible.

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Dates: Mid November- January 28th

How You Will Be Hunting Geese In Texas

Geese are hunted in a traditional style field hunt in the mornings on previously scouted peanut, maize and wheat fields. Upon arriving at the hunting location, the guides and hunting party will set out a spread of full body Dakota decoys and silhouettes. We use padded chairs and ghille blankets to keep you hidden. At sunrise be prepared to enjoy a morning full of close range shooting as hundreds of geese hover over the decoys. It’s not uncommon to see Pintails, Mallards and Wigeon mixed with Canadas, Specklebellies and Snow geese. All Texas goose hunts are half-day hunts, ending at noon or when Canada Goose limits are reached. This allows the geese to rest and feed in the afternoon without continuous pressure. Daily Bag Limit: 5 DARK GEESE (including 5 Canadas or 3 Canadas and 2 White Fronted) Migratory Game Bird Regulations (Click Here).

Sandhill Crane Hunts

Northern Skies Outfitters offers Texas Sandhill Crane hunting. The Sandhill Crane averages a wingspan of 4-7 feet and can reach weights up to 18 pounds. Despite their size and crane exterior, the Sandhill offer a wonderful table fare. Sandhill Cranes are notably referred to as the “ribeye in the sky”. Sandhill Crane’s are open for hunting in Texas from December through the end of January. The daily bag limit on Sandhills consist of three birds per person per day in Texas. The birds will be in a good range, but Sandhills are large birds and require a large shot size to ensure success. A morning hunt for Sandhill Cranes lasts from sunrise till noon. Northern Skies Outfitters sandhill crane hunts are simply the “BEST”. Our sandhill crane hunts take place over deception sandhill crane decoys. The realism is second to none and our results on our sandhill crane hunts speak for themselves. While crane hunting our hunters enjoy  layout or comfortable A-frame and get to experience decoying sandhill cranes like no place else. The Texas crane hunts take place over both water and fields depending on what the Sandhill cranes are doing.

Typically, hunters can expect to shoot limits of sandhill cranes on our crane hunts, and quite often, capitalize on some “bonus” geese and ducks during the same hunt!

Where You Will Stay

Our hunting lodging will make you want to return with every migration, comfort is something you shouldn’t have to worry about – just your aim! This trip offers very comfortable lodge accommodations and fantastic meals (no need to drive back and forth to a hotel in town).  Our headquarters is located in Lubbock, Texas. A large great room, air-conditioned and heated, which was designed specially for handling medium to large size groups. Our facility does not sell Alcoholic beverages, but our guests are welcome to bring their own favorite beverages. We provide a large refrigerated cooler as well as some drink set-ups. Our guests are also welcome to bring their own coolers into the lodge and cabins. Our lodge sleeps up to 14 people, with 5 Bedrooms, and 5 Bathrooms. The lodge also has a full kitchen. Bedding and towels are furnished. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided for you (on hunting packages with Lodging & Meals). Wireless High-Speed Internet available at the lodge!

We offer fully guided Texas Goose hunting and Texas Duck hunting as well as sandhill crane hunting.  West Texas is a waterfowl hunters dream. This area is one of the first stopping points for all migrating waterfowl. Texas Goose Hunting Guide


What To Do In The Afternoon

Our hunts are morning only. Please call for afternoon hunting options.

What’s included?
• Knowledgable Guide, Decoys, Blinds, Calls & Any Other Necessary Equipment. Meals, lodging, morning hunt of your choice (Specklebelly, Canada Goose, Crane)

• Mid November through January 28th

• Lubbock, Texas

What to bring?
• Weather appropriate clothing (Rain or shine, we’re in the blind.)
• Shot gun & steel shot
• 1 Box of 12 g. 3-3 ½ BB per Day
• Cooler (Bring your snacks in and your birds home)
• Capture your memories! Cameras are welcome: Store in a ziplock bag for safe keeping.
• Snacks & non-alcoholic beverages
• Alcoholic beverages for after hunt. Zero tolerance for being under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the field.

• Morning Hunting WITH Lodging & Meals Price $425 / per person per day
• Morning Hunting WITHOUT Lodging & Meals Price $335 / per person per day
• Please call for corporate rates

• Any group size is welcome, smaller group sizes will be put together to fill a field. We always limit our mixed group to 6 hunters.
• Well mannered dogs are welcome ONLY in a private field.

• Purchase locally or online HERE.

Texas Goose And Crane Hunting has limited space, so we highly recommend booking early to get your desired dates!

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